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Actually, they have to go beyond these ideas with new ones; it raises the test even more.There is far too much damage or cruelty done to other life, citizens, even society or the world itself.

There is no rule of science saying the little people will not understand things before sp1es do, or be wiser. Why does evil keep coming as you try to create what you call just1ce, why do you keep getting problems in your deluded idea of wealth? Look what they did with them: try to make money from them... Instead, here on this, so-far, seemingly sleazy place, it is: "how may these lying cheating c0n-men misuse us, capture, t0rture with exper1ments, ens1ave us or other life". But they still show too little respect for the ability of animals to intercept dodging targets.How are you going to find someone with a connection to freedom of mind, etc? Sometimes it is very weird not finding things, misplacing them, etc.Little bit of pain, (ouch,) many times not too bad for me. Well, you do not think you are really vested with what would be the powers of g0d, do you?Almost all of us in school hoped to do some truly meaningful work, but found business, life, prevents change...this is a chance to do something that is important, finally.

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