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Nothing else had mattered, and so after the breakup, he was left with nothing — a mistake he does not want to repeat.

As tempting as it is to dote on your partner, keep this realization in mind: There is only One who will never let you down.

Even when the lines are firmly set, we have to decide to follow them; otherwise, what's the point in even having them?

"While treaties and truces often save the day, compromising isn't always the best tactic.

Usually, the independent mindset changes gradually — that's what happened to 20-something designer Stella from New York.

"I never noticed it happening over the course of the three years we dated, but my friends and family kept trying to tell me we were in way too deep," she says of her former boyfriend.

Boyfriends and girlfriends are not the same as husbands and wives, but they often get stuck with that level of expectation.Plus, being together 24/7 can take you to a place of intensity and intimacy that really isn't very healthy at all." If people have begun to merge you and your sweetie into one, dubbing you something like "Bennifer" or "Tom Kat," take this as a sign that you're together too much.Be sure to make time to invest in yourself, which will actually make you a better person and therefore improve your relationship.Spending time with Him and growing closer to His heart is the only surefire way to ignite your life with renewed purpose whether you're in or out of love with another person.With hearts a'fire and hormones raging, dating boundaries often get blurred or banished, but they are the hallmark of successful pairings, say Drs.

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