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The Lukan passage should not be in chapters 1, 10, or 20 since the MSS had probably been collated in those chapters for the IGNTP.

The passage in John 6 could be compared to a major textcritical study by Ren Kieffer; his collations in the same passage would provide control MSS for a quantitative analysis and help in the selection of genetically significant variants.

The fundamental principles and criteria can be set forth ..., but the appropriate application of these in individual cases rests upon the student's own sagacity and insight. In the case of the PA, there are several distinctive variants, but two variation units stand out in John 8:8b-9a.Thus, in the summer of 2000, the present writer set out on a three week journey, aiming to make sample collations of these 36 MSS, preferably in one pericope for each of the Gospels, and then to conduct a quantitative analysis of the MSS.The purpose of this exercise was to examine the genetic relationship of the MSS and, ultimately, to fit the conclusions drawn from the surviving source material into the broader history of transmission of the Greek NT. As mentioned in the introduction, the selection of 36 MSS was based on Maurice Robinson's collation data in the PA (John - plus adjacent verses and -13a).This article examines the genetic relationships among 34 MSS suspected of being related because of a peculiar shared reading in John 8:8b-9a: "he wrote on the ground the sins of each..." A quantitative analysis detected several independent families, including new family members and a dozen MSS forming "family Patmos/M;" this family, in turn, includes the original Patmos family discovered by Silva New in 1932.The results show that whereas there may be overlap, the history of readings is not synonymous with the history of MSS.

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