Dating divas bowling

Afterwards, I handed him a copy of the second sheet of tasks: #1 - find a joke to share with your spouse, #2 - find a picture of information on a place you would like to vacation someday, and #3 - find a poem that describes how you feel about your spouse.

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The date started out by me handing a card to my husband with a silly little poem on it letting him know that our date would take place in a bookstore.

"MISSION: A-TEAM" Date This date is a super fun, military-themed date that can be done as a group or just as a couple.

The guys had 5 mission cards to complete throughout the date.

(We headed back to the house to change and then we were right back out again) Our next stop was in public!

(This is why it is highly recommended to do this as a group datemore support from your friends! Each person was handed a card on which you predicted your final bowling score.

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