Dating easten european girls

The points I made are as follows:1) There are many women out there who look good regardless of nationality, and 2) You can get "free sex" from people within most nationalities providing the physical attraction is there I would have thought 'Eastern European girl' to mean a girl from Eastern Europe.

Msg 10: you also have Eastern European girls working in the City and earning half a million pounds a year No, not at all.My Ex's were Polish, South African, Norwegian, Serbian and Russian. But having said that I still think Europeans are much better and have amazing names too.For some reason British women...not see me as anything other than a friend. I did see a very Beautiful barmaid last night..only in looks, but the way she moved and spoke and her smile. Kasia, Justyna, Sylwia, Biljanica, Milena, Maria, Simiona...list is endless!Unfortunately there is still a market for mail order brides and some Eastern European girls I.e Czechs are more than willing to be bought a better life by the purse holder.It gives the bloke temporary power, false love and in most cases a trophy to walk around on his arm with!! ^^^^ you are mistaken is open to English speaking people in Europe..otherwise I'd have been banned.years ago!!

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