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The name of the character Feleena "El Paso" was, at 4 minutes and 38 seconds in duration, far longer than most contemporary singles at the time.

It is widely considered a genre classic for its gripping narrative which ends in the death of its protagonist, its shift from past to present tense, haunting harmonies by vocalists Bobby Sykes and Jim Glaser (of the Glaser Brothers) and the eloquent and varied Spanish guitar accompaniment by Grady Martin that lends the recording a distinctive Tex-Mex feel.

He recalls how he fell in love with a young Mexican woman, Feleena, a dancer at "Rosa's Cantina".

When the narrator sees another cowboy sharing a drink with "wicked Feleena" he challenges the newcomer to a gunfight.

Robbins wrote it while flying over El Paso, in - he reported - the same amount of time it takes to sing, four minutes and fourteen seconds.

It was only the second time that ever happened to him; the first time was when he composed the original El Paso as fast as he could write it down.

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