Dating for women over 30

It sounds difficult if one is not a smiley person, but haven’t you noticed it’s more difficult to explain sadness than happiness?

Smiling just brings out that glow in one’s face and it is a powerful tool. Now, we believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but you gotta admit, first impressions last.

The idea is to sell yourself, the picture must say “hey look at me! Sexy pictures aren’t also the thing, a simple smiling you in the picture with a clear view of your eyes as you look at the camera is a good way to go. Don’t stress yourself, just enjoy yourself in the company of good friends.

It’s all right to look around; eying the hunk with a gorgeous backside won’t hurt, but it’s a different story altogether when you pinch what you’re looking at.

In other cases, when you see a guy checking you out and giving you that assessing look, establish eye contact. When you get that first hot date with him, it’s a given that the chemistry is there; but how do you keep it sizzling?

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This era is a far cry from the old times where women were just confined to domestic chores.

So, a little easygoing gesture would just do the trick. If you have trouble letting all of your hair down because it’s frizzy or unruly, tie it in a lose pony and drape it around your shoulder.

Guys are usually attracted to exposed necks and it’s not because of the Twilight Saga. With the emergence of the internet, everything you’re looking for could be found with a click of a mouse.

Given that age, most women have experienced some ins and outs, have gone through the partying and getting wasted phase, and finally decided it’s time to mellow the late nights to romantic dinners for two. We’re sure you have your own agenda in finding that special someone, but following a few of these suggestions won’t hurt. Smiling eases the tension, breaks the awkwardness, and bridges the gap.

That’s right, a positive attitude changes a lot of things. When you recite the “I’m happy, I’m positive” mantra, practice deep breaths, and just look on the bright side of things, most people, particularly men, would be drawn to you. Have you heard of the line “it takes 65 muscles to frown, and only 15 to smile”?

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