Dating game legs showing

" and then smiling afterwards), there is a decent chance that they may not be telling the truth.Further signs of lying are if the person turns away, shifts their body somehow in another direction, or places objects in between the two of you.Use your hands to expand on points or call attention to important statements.Hold objects by your side - If you have a drink in hand, keep it to your side, not in front of your chest.When folded the person is possibly angry or disapproving.When their arms are open the person is in an honest position and is accepting of the situation.

When two people have strong Rapport, their actions and body language will naturally start to mirror each other.

Holding your drink in front of your chest can express the same feelings as if you were standing with your arms crossed. Show your interest - Nod occasionally to let the person you are interacting with know that you are listening and are in agreement.

Leaning in is another way to show your interest, just be careful not to lean in to soon or to often, or you may creep them out.

On a job interview, you want to appear calm, cool and collected.

You want to come across as confident and in control. Prolonged eye contact, close talking -- these may be appropriate on an intimate date, but not in a job interview!

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