Dating games people play trailer

As I wondered what could be in a simple dating game that can take up so much space, I decided to watch the game’s trailer and see the preview screenshots from the Google Play store.I was already blown away by the animation and detail that both the screenshots and trailer showed.Characters vary in personalities you can choose from and tend to be stock characters: innocent and childlike, arrogant celebrity or from royalty, silent gentleman, awkward and unpopular but ends up being popular, class clown, bully or rival secretly in love and many more.I never thought I would enjoy playing dating simulators.It’s one of the biggest genres of Otome (games geared toward female market) known and often played by many teenagers and young adults.The goal of all dating games is straightforward: establish a relationship with a character in the game through flirting, gift giving, interactions and other ways a typical person would do when trying to get a date in real life.

A variety of genres are made based on different tastes.When you play the , you win or you get dumped, basically.Every night, a different clone is dumped and by the end of the week, the singleton is left with the final three options and must decide who is their "one and clonely". The other two won't even get dumped face-to-face, but by video message.Some games are sweet and innocent -- others can be more not so sweet and mature.Most of these games, however, are based on the assumption that the player and the characters are heterosexual and heteromantic (Asia tends to be very conservative on topics involving the LGBTQ community).

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