Dating girls with emotional baggage

That hot pink Samsonite number with the stickers on it looks intriguing. It provides a glimpse into your feelings about your personal history.Wonder who owns that cardboard box held together with duct tape and string? And those feelings are what we psychologists are getting at when we talk about your proverbial baggage.I know we all have our "baggage" of some sort so i don't want to throw her under the bus either.I would be concerend if it consumes her and the relationship you are trying to start. You just recently started going out with her so you need to get to know her a little better before giving up.As soon as guys with emotional baggage find you threatening, they will step back. He won't think twice before dropping you like a hot potato. Unless he doesn't have the motivation to bring his life on track, his life is only gonna ruin and that's all. Initially, the relationship might be like a fairytale, but soon enough, you will start feeling insecure and not good enough due to the way these guys would treat you. Who is strong enough to face his problems and accept happiness.

He is the epitome of patience, charm, kindness, care and helpfulness. But as soon as you both start getting a little close, the insecurities, fears and baggage of the guy surface.If that's the case, it's sometimes difficult to find the right medications to treat it and compliance is often a significant issue.People with bipolar disorder can be very bright, creative and engaging when energy is more up. Not that this is at all definitive nor should it dissuade you from being open to getting further acquainted. Just keep your eyes open, proceed with reasonable caution, don't overinvest too early, ask a few more questions and listen to your "little voice" as you go along. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Almost all of us have encountered someone with emotional baggage. When you start hanging out with them, they are extremely sweet.

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