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Evergreen's likely most famous graduate is Matt Groening (class of 1977), creator of .

by about 50 angry students provoked by what they characterized as Weinstein's racism. " The video followed the students yelling the chant in unison as they tried to block the campus police (probably called in by one of Weinstein's biology students) shielding Weinstein as he exited the building.

At Evergreen State that has actually meant: invading a professor's class to taunt him with charges of racism; occupying the library and the college president's office while the campus police, ordered to stand down, barricade themselves in their headquarters; delivering F-bombs, derision, and assorted demands—firing the police chief, confiscating the guns of the rest of the police, setting up mandatory race-oriented "cultural competency" training for the faculty, excusing the protesters from their end-of-term assignments, and providing free gumbo for a radical potluck—to the cornered president, George Bridges; and creating such a threatening atmosphere for the professor in question, evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein (another target of the firing demands), that he had to hold his class on May 25 in a public park in downtown Olympia.

Since May 23, the 4,089-student public liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington, has been embroiled in what the media euphemistically call "student protests" over perceived racial grievances.

Nonetheless, the demographic statistics at Evergreen have been just divergent enough from those of the U. population as a whole—63 percent white, 13 percent black, and 17 percent Hispanic (only 10 percent of Evergreen's students are Hispanics of all races, according to Education Department criteria)—to trigger the formation of a campus faculty-staff group that titled itself the "Equity and Inclusion Council." The council aimed not just at matching the percentages more exactly but at ensuring the retention of minority students, who seemed to be dropping out of Evergreen at a higher rate than their white classmates.

It hardly mattered that the Pacific Northwest is overwhelmingly Nordic, thanks to massive Scandinavian immigration around the turn of the 20th century, and that a slight overrepresentation of white students on a state-school campus might therefore be expected.

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