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magazine feature from 1999, the magazine revealed that My Ruin had been busy recording two videos in London’s Electrowerkz.

The two videos and tracks in question were single Terror which was released to coincide with the release of the single and June 10th, which to date has never surfaced.

The album would be an experimental amalgamation of styles, part Spoken word, part metal, part industrial with electronic stylings.

There are even some Rap metal style verses thrown in for good measure, perhaps as homage to Tairrie’s days in hardcore rap metal outfit Manhole.

The band has been through various line-up changes since its formation in 1999. Its sound consists of passionate vocals set against heavy rock beats.

That was kind of my way of dealing with the grief that I was feeling.” Terror video and possible existence of unseen June 10th video In a Kerrang!

In an early interview promoting Speak and Destroy, Tairrie revealed that she and her Tura Satana bandmates were still on good terms: “It’s not like when we fired Scott (Udea, former Tura Satana guitarist).

Me and the guys still hang out together.” In another interview regarding the song, Tairrie revealed that there are two versions of the song, the one on Speak and Destroy and the one on 8MM soundtrack: “The three Tura Satana guys [bassist Rico Villasenor, guitarist Brian Harrah and drummer Marcelo Palomino] are involved, and I’ve got Grady Avenell [vocals] and Michael Martin [bass] from Will Haven [who’ve just finished recording their second album ‘WHVN’] on a track called ‘Sick With It’.

Tairrie immediately started making plans for her next musical incarnation, which would be a solo project.

Of the project in early 1999, Tairrie stated: "The band won’t just be called Tairrie B, but it will be a solo thing – just like Nine Inch Nails is really just Trent Reznor… If it fails, then I won’t have anyone else to blame." in the UK and Europe, would see Tairrie explore previously uncharted musical territory.

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