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Between moving and fights with her mother, what Lacey describes as "a war zone going on at home", she began dabbling in drugs. The fighting became so intense that she was forced to move in with her grandparents in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After leaving her family and using drugs, Lacey experienced what she described as a "nervous breakdown", cutting off her hair and beginning to consider suicide.

Coldplay Lands 13 Tracks on Hot Rock Songs, Thanks to Super Bowl Bump With her chart-topping bow, Sturm becomes the first solo female to top the tally, which began with the June 28, 2007, ranking (the first No. The Smashing Pumpkins' is the first record Sturm has released since her departure from Flyleaf in 2012; the act has since continued with a new lead singer, Kristen May (formerly of the band Vedera, which charted the Adult Pop Songs hit "Satisfy" in 2010), and released the album in 2014 (a No. The band has scored hits with "I'm So Sick," "Fully Alive" and "Again," among others."Impossible," Sturm's lead solo single, is currently rising at rock radio, ranking at No.

Motherhood was one of the main reasons Sturm chose to step down from Flyleaf.

In 2000, Mosley began to play with drummer James Culpepper.

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But now when I hear stories, I'm like, 'Well I know exactly what that feels like — when you think with all your heart that it's the right thing but it's so destructive to everything around you,'" Sturm explained."There's no condemnation because I was brought through it and my heart breaks for the struggle that it is when you're in the midst of it all.

So instead of condemning or being hateful now, I totally understand that nobody is immune to it [sin]."Sturm, however, eventually realized that she could get out of the pit she put herself in, and wanted others to know that they could as well."We can actually choose to come out of it, it doesn't feel like you have any choices but you can actually choose.

Her grandmother became distressed and urged Lacey to attend church. Throughout her earlier years, she was an outspoken atheist, with a pronounced talent for singing.

While attending high school in Gulfport, she was the lead singer for the band "Sofa Kingdom" which frequently played at Wo Jo`s Coffee Shop in downtown Gulfport.

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