Dating lucien piccard watches

Lucien Piccard placed a sapphire-coated mineral crystal on this watch, and from what I can tell it has held up well. The lume is poor on the hour markers, but sufficient on the hands.

Despite years of ownership, the crystal has remained clear. The case looks like it has been worn, but otherwise is no worse than average. Otherwise, you have poor-quality diamonds next to broken dial hands. The movement that powers the 26576SSD is an unknown Chinese-manufactured variant, of which I was able to find very little actual information on.

With the 26576SSD you’re getting some interesting complications, but it comes at a cost. It's an inexpensive automatic, using who-knows-what automatic, and that's about all it has going for it.

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Since 1923 the very heart of each LP Watch design has relied on our ever evolving philosophy and commitment to quality, excellence and distinction.This happened just a year and a half into ownership, too. The heavy steel bracelet and industrialesque case look one way, and the dial tries to be something else entirely. As previously mentioned, the date display came out of alignment not long into ownership.From day one it’s always looked just a little wrong, though most people can’t spot why. Finding service was (at the time) impossible, so I chose to live with it.A beautiful vintage Dufonte by Lucien Piccard diamond ladies Quartz watch.This watch is from the late 1980s in very good condition working good minor scratches on bezel and band not noticeable.

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