Dating men down low

Or if Black straight men are not forced to confront this disease the same way that Black women and Black MSM have?

Also, despite thirty plus years into this epidemic both the CDC and Big Pharm have no programs and/or campaigns geared toward Black straight men. Even worse: President Obama’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy doesn’t truly address the specific needs of heterosexual Black men in the same ways that it does Black MSM and Black women.

I would talk about all the women I was having sex with even though I wasn't just so I could feel like I was part of the whole brotherhood. I've dated men who said, "Call me on this cell number. If you have to email me this is the address you use." In the book, you talk about the glitz and glam lifestyle that dating D. brothers in the entertainment industry afforded you. I was eating much better than before and driving Mercedes, Bentleys and BMWs.

When people asked me what I did over the weekend, I made sure that I always said "she" instead of "he." Do you think people knew anyway? I lived in fabulous houses in Beverly Hills and Baldwin Hills.

Have you ever suspected that there's a little more to the story about your favorite actor or studio MC?

Former entertainment executive and MTV big shot Terrance Dean might confirm your suspicions in his soon-to-be bestselling book, (Atria, .00).

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