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That night, we made a delicious dinner at home and watched many corny Valentine's Day movies.

We didn't have much money back then and he still lived with his parents, so he brought up a bunch of chairs to his room and used his nightstand as our table.

It was so sweet, especially because he sucks at keeping secrets and I had no idea he was planning this." —8.

"Last year was the first Valentine's Day my long-distance boyfriend and I got to celebrate together in person.

We ended up ditching dinner reservations and stayed in all night with room service. "My boyfriend at the time had left the cheesiest teddy bear in front of my dorm room on Valentine's Day along with a note that said, 'I'll pick you up for dinner at 6. ' We ended up having a super-romantic peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinner with a bottle of wine on this giant hill that overlooks our campus. I went to knock on his front door and there was a note saying 'walk in' on it.

I walked into his house and heard my favorite sappy love song playing, and [there was] a huge trail of rose petals leading into his living room where he was sitting with all of my favorite things.

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