Dating profile with humour

Very often the real meaning of words get lost and replaced by secondary characteristics or euphemisms.

“I’m sarcastic” is supposed to mean “I’m funny.” Contrary to what every third person on Ok Cupid believes, funny and sarcastic are not synonyms.

Here he tackles a dreaded task for some — filling out that online dating profile.

When it comes to writing your online dating profile, it’s easy to let anxiety get the best of you.

As you write it, be nice to yourself, understand that you don’t have to extraordinary in every way to find a compatible partner, and keep in mind the tips described above.

The business community does this a lot, like saying “space” instead of “area of expertise,” but today I’m talking about online daters, and the way so many of us use one word: sarcastic.

If you are a very sarcastic person, spend some time thinking about why you use sarcasm as a defense mechanism — because it most definitely is a defense mechanism.

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While your average person will have a decent sense of humor, he or she’d probably feel outclassed dating someone as funny as say, Kathy Griffin or David Letterman.

Imagine if someone said to you, “I really love insulting people and showing irritation in a way that makes people who care about me feel stupid. ” Sarcasm is a way to say what you mean while seeming like you don’t mean it. One is “I have a dry sense of humor and I appreciate irony.” But that’s not what “I’m sarcastic” means.

If you have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, say your favorite comedian is Steven Wright.

Today’s guest blog comes from psychologist, author and relationship expert Dr.

Seth Meyers, who will be joining us regularly with his words of wisdom.

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