Dating separation maryland

What standards of living were established during the marriage? Have you made monetary and non-monetary contributions to the well-being of the family? The court will consider you to be married until they have granted you a divorce.

For the purposes of divorce, you are physically separated from your spouse when you stop sleeping under the same roof and stop having sex.

In some cases, it is impossible for the court to divide marital property. How and when marital property was acquired, including the effort each party made towards acquisition. Property that was acquired during the marriage, even though titled in your own name, may be marital.

For example, if your family has one car, the court cannot equitably divide a car and preserve it as a useful asset for both parties. A monetary award may be granted in divorce as a way to equalize the value of assets that can't otherwise be divided. As with most questions about marital property, this is not something that should be left to guess work. Ingram, we are familiar with marital property issues and we can help you evaluate what property is marital; how your property may be divided in the event of divorce or separation; and when it is necessary to take additional action to protect your interest in property that is non-marital.

Alimony award or award of family use personal property or use and possession of a family home. Anything that the court deems necessary or appropriate to consider to arrive at a "fair" monetary award or transfer of property.

Material opportunities affecting the future life of the child. The suitability of the residences of the parents, and whether the non-custodial parent will have the opportunity to visit. Are there any agreements between you and your spouse? What are your spouse's financial needs and resources?

Suddenly John had to face the reality of his wife with another man and the possibility of another man living and helping raise his children.

In Maryland divorce, marital property is subject to equitable distribution. Legal custody has to do with the way parents make decisions about a child's education, religious training, discipline, medical care, and any other important matters that might effect a child's general well-being.

Spending time apart from each other can, at times, help you see the marriage and marital problems in a different light. You don’t have to spend money on an attorney to take care of any legal issues.

I do suggest you set some rules and discuss how you expect each to behave during the trial separation. Time away to do some navel gazing and examine how you may have played a role in the marital problems.

John and Amanda had been married for 16 years when John went out of the country on business for two months. John filed for a divorce from Amanda and moved into his own apartment.

John found himself loving his freedom and time away from the responsibilities of being a married, family man. He loved life and his freedom until Amanda started dating and became seriously involved with someone six months after their divorce was final.

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