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The absence of body language and expressive tone, however, can make texts difficult to decipher.

“Hey” means she wants you to help her with something; “heyyy” is borderline sexual.

We use Tinder to sort through available men and women in our area.

On our phones, we see photos, interests and a short bio — usually something clever or opinionated.

I sometimes did this two or three times a week, trudging to yet another happy hour spot with fingers crossed.

At first it was fun and exciting, and my spirits were unfazed by the drunk rugby player who got too handsy or the Ph D candidate who looked nothing like his picture and spent most of the date presenting his thesis.

Where are you supposed to meet someone in your 30s if work is a bust and you’re not much of a churchgoer and your friends are married and raising kids? And they are definitely substitutes — manufacturing connections instead of letting them develop naturally.

I’ve used, Ok Cupid, e Harmony and Tinder.

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We’re on display like prostitutes in a brothel window. We have pregames, or smaller parties before the actual party.

At this stage in our lives, many of us would rather start a relationship via texting.

This lets us communicate on our own terms and take time to think about what we say.

My mother, the queen of cheesy sentiment, gave me a mug that reads: “Love is like a butterfly … But I know the reality is that I’ll be back on Tinder soon, hoping a gentleman with a days-past sense of courtship will swipe right when he sees me.

if you turn your attention toward other things it will come and softly sit on your shoulder.” But the problem is that few of us have time to wait — especially in Washington, where the pace is relentless. And maybe, when we’re sitting across the table, we’ll be smart enough to recognize each other and take our time. ” To most college students, or recent graduates such as myself, dating is more serious than hooking up.

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