Dating site made with joomla

Obviously i am not going to create the site on my own, i am going to hire professionals who are capable of doing this.

Reason why i want to know what goes into dating site is so i know who and what type of programmers to hire.

Great Company to work with never had an issues and have always recommended them to people I work with, I don’t normally do that.

I first came to knew about Stack Ideas when I was looking for a good blog solution for our Joomla site and they are the best option.

I need to know HOW to do the site; even though i appreciate it, i am not looking for opinions on whether or not if the site should be created.

Thank you Hello Everyone, I want to start my own dating site.

Some info on Drupal and dating sites; The first question I would ask is why you want to recreate something that's been done to death for over 15 years? Times change, people change with new opportunities popping up daily.Team Stack Ideas is one of the best extension development companies in the Joomla eco system.From Easy Blog to Easy Social they have always proven that there is always a way to do things better and improve!I was very surprised about the customer services in Stack Ideas. I ended up with purchasing all their amazing products. All I can say is using products from Stack Ideas gives you a feeling like using Apple products while the rest feels just like the rest. I'm not a coder, but I strongly believe anything happens for a reason and behind the "just work" feature, there is neat and professionally written code.At Theme Xpert we don’t use any 3rd party extensions except Stack Ideas.

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