Dating the enemey

These are times that try men’s souls, but who is the enemy — the greatest enemy — of God’s people?

Perhaps it’s liberal Supreme Court judges and the sexual ethics of secular society.

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Perhaps it’s the rapid increase of those that identify religiously as “none.” Or maybe it’s Planned Parenthood and others who advocate for an adult’s right to comfort over a child’s right to life and barbarically snuff out life in the very womb that is for its protection and growth.

Whether or not your actions were the catalyst of the breakup, a common post-breakup side effect that plagues victims of failed relationships is the emotional tailspin that follows.

We choose to toil endlessly for hours, days, months and even years in a hell that is composed of only one activity: beating ourselves up.

When it comes to dating, every single person is bound to experience a breakup.

Ending a relationship is hard for everyone involved, even when you are the person choosing to end it.

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