Dating tips lithuanian girls

If you found descent Lithuanian girl and already dating her, don’t hurry her to move your relations to the bed as quick as possible; of course, almost every man dreams about sex with pretty woman, but in this case you have to think what you are expecting from this relations and how serious you perceive them.If this is just a period of fun for you, you better not start dating Lithuanian girl because of some reasons – you may break her heart, it will be more time saving, energy saving and money saving for you to visit some “proper” bar or club in Vilnius where you will find girls ready to convert your money and cocktails for pleasant time in the bed.

I must say there also could be some condemnation from older women in Lithuania when young girl is dating foreigner; most often they would say she is selling her for money; you have to be ready to such reaction, act properly to protect your girlfriend and not to offend her by leaving just after the first sex will happen.Most of women still dream about Lithuanian man and mating with foreigner is not on purpose of most Lithuanians.When American or other foreigner comes to Lithuania and visits some places he was advised to for finding there a girl he could do the same in the U. and if he is in Lithuania it does not mean the girl he gets this night is Lithuanian.If Lithuanian girl is dating to foreigner it does not necessarily mean she has already put an eye on him and willing him to become her future husband.Lithuanian girls are very curious for meetings and communication with representatives of other cultures.

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