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Then later that night I saw him again on my way home.

We got stopped at the same red light and chuckled that we had seen each other earlier.

Naturally he paid special attention to me and ended up asking me for my number.

So when I’m going about living my life and doing things that I enjoy, people talk to me.

Once I was riding my bike and noticed a guy in front of me and didn’t think anything of it really but gave him a polite smile.

As a high school teacher and overall nerd, I have the opportunity to go to a couple of work-related conferences each year, and I usually don’t go with a group. I wouldn’t suggest going to a wedding with the hope of meeting a man. I’ve never dated a guy I met while doing any of those activities—and I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

Being alone at events like this gives me a really good excuse to introduce myself to that cute guy I eyed during the break without feeling like a weirdo. But if, like me, weddings are an event you enjoy, then go! And who knows, you may walk away with a new date just by being yourself and having a good time. I joined a non-profit volunteer group of young professionals. (I never feel my cutest when I’m wearing five layers of ski gear anyway.)That being said, I truly believe that being "out there" is all about parties.

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