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"I submitted a review a number of months ago and I just wanted to say that Marcel and I have now been married for a number of months and are very happy," said Sheree of Kitchener, On., in a Consumer Affairs review, one of several from Lifemates clients who tied the knot with dates they met through the service.

Like Successful Singles and It's Just Lunch, Lifemates uses a personal inteview and match-up process and targets upscale clients."The Lifemates Canada Dating program carefully evaluates each and every member so that we can introduce you to an individual that shares your interests and background," the company says.

The world is a big place but perhaps not quite big enough to be so inflexible in our choices.

As with all the services featured here, read the contract carefully, be sure you understand it and keep a copy. If a dating service says it will introduce you to two people a month, it's not realistic to expect it to produce more than that. Maybe it's just that folks really are friendly (or at least very cold) in Canada and unusually grateful for human warmth but for whatever reason, Lifemates Canada seems to have a stellar record of forging new alliances.

Joined Successful Singles and met women that were interested in having a long-term committed relationship.

I don't have lots of time to spend on the computer, so having my own personal matchmaker was an ideal situation for me," said John of Norwood, Mass.

With offices in major cities, it's not restricted to a single geographic area.

The reviews we're received at Consumer Affairs the last few years have been largely positive, like this one from Michael of North Carolina: "By and large I have been satisfied with the experiences gained from the group.

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They cancelled their accounts and now I can't find them in," she said in a Consumer Affairs review.

On the other hand, it's a lot cheaper -- nearly free, in fact.

Membership runs about a month, depending on which plan you choose.

Perhaps a big point in E&A's favor is that it's not just a dating service but also a way to meet new friends -- something that's often a problem for stressed-out professionals."What interested me most about the club was meeting new people.

With Events & Adventures, I have made new friends," said Nick of Minneapolis in a Consumer Affairs review. I went bowling, I went to both singles mixers, both party buses, movies.

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