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With all of these themes I have attempted pro meis viribus to cope. But reviewers and others that may mush to get a quick insight into the contents of the present volume would do well to begin by reading pp. A ‘ Kairos, .: B *The Mountain-Cults of Zeus,’ E 'The Kyklops in Folk-Tales/ ■ ■ ■ F 'The Dioskouroi and Helene in modern Folk-Tales/ Appendix C ■ 'Korinthos son of Zeus’ and Appendix D 'The Wheel as a Coin- type ' have been again omitted through lack of space. The Abbe Breuil cleared up for me the long-standing puzzle of concentric cup-marks ; and Mr M. Burkitt, Honorary Keeper of the Stone Implements in the Museum of Archaeology and of Ethnology, noted for me sundry specimens of engraved neolithic celts. Seltman visited Delphoi and reported on the omphalos discovered there in 1913 by Monsieur F. The remain- ■■■■ ■ ing eight Appendixes' are properly attached to Volume II, vix G ' Orphic Theogonies and the Cosmogonic Eros,’ H * Zeus Kf/sios: I 'Zeus Agamemmnl J ‘ Zeus Ampkiarmsl K * Zeus Trepkemim or Troph Smosl L 'Zeus Asklep Us^ M 'Zeus Meilklms: N 'Zeus Phttios! Chadwick, while references to Icelandic sagas were collected for me by Miss N. An important note on the Anglo-Saxon rune Y or tir) was sent me by Mr B. For Greek and Latin etymologies I have time after time used as a touchstone the wise judgment of my friend and colleague Dr P. Borradaile, University Lecturer in Zoology, has brought his special knowledge of crustaceans to bear on the crabs of Agrigentum and Tenedos. One or two friends have undertaken special investigations on my behalf. -I have, throughout, been in' full work' as ( ollege Lecturer in Classics and University Reader in Classical' Archaeology, responsible therefore for a good deal of .teaching, examining, ancl organisation. ' Such, a life, however co.ngenia I, tends to produce a' certain mental attitude, the habit of thinking in compartments. Lnder such conditions anything like sustained .flight or' longmontinued effort becomes . do' not doubt that a better book on the same subject will some day be written by a man with larger leisure and clearer outlook.

Secondly, I have sometimes ■relegated to' the notes' extra details which, though themselves of interest, seemed more or less irrelevant to my imincdiate theme.

Oiic should rather cherish a healthy distrust of over-neat In^p^theses and explanations that leave nothing to be explained.

Life is seldom so simple and symmetric as our interpretatiun of it.

S ANCIENT RELIGION VOLUME II PART I CAMBRIDGE UNIVBESITY PRESS LONDON : Fetter Lene New Yokk The Macmillan Co, Bombay, Calcutta and ». * T0f f Ap KAI Hm OC €i W6l^* 0 £ HITIOC 4flipdf T0ICIN Mild CHmimi, h Aofc i im Ipro N Ireipci, mimwhckcain iidroio, Airci £ Sie Bmhm dpkm Soyci T€ mi mmihm% Aefci £ ore Aeliai mp Ai KAi fypiic Ai mi cnlp MATA hanta AYTCIC flip t I rc CMMAT* iu ofp ANIp ICTHpl Ii N, Acrp A Ai AKpw AC, &K4f ATo £ clc imh Xjd H dcrip M of M€ MAAi Cm TCTYf A^i NA CHMAINOI€H iwip&i Wt&p^cij N, d4p* immh A ttamta 0Yo)Nmi* T£0 «IW Jlei ITp Ard N T€ KAI fc TATON IAa CICOWTAI.

QUEENS COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE READER IN OLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE VOLUME 11 ZEUS GOD OF THE DARK SKY (THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) Zevs a XXo Ka ire Xet atdpio^, a XXo Ka S" Theokritc Is 43 PART I TEXT AND NOTES Cambridge: at the University Press ril At AKCli At O' x JBRAKYf nb.. GREAT RRi TAi X Ik Aide Apxc*3M€c0A, Tw of Mmr* mkp€C imme N ippmm* M€cmi li Aide mcsi^i mm ipf^i n&Ai £ i MBpmnod N ayop^i m€cti I ^ Bdh ACCA mi Aimcwcc* iiai^tm hi Aide nii^Tec.

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