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Would she go home and tell her roommate that George was handsome, smart, and frequently able to convert the 7-10 split?That’s the setup, George sometime later explained to Lizzie, with just the two corner pins left, one on either side of the alley.

Pandemonium ensued within the confines of lanes 38 and 39.They’d agreed that it was best if Lizzie didn’t attempt the much more complicated option of starting farther back and taking three strides to the foul line.Neither she nor Marla was confident that Lizzie could coordinate walking, carrying the ball, counting the steps, stopping at the right spot, and then throwing the ball, especially because she was still occasionally mumbling “score, alley, spare, strike.” She stood there with the ball held out in front of her, thumb in its correct hole, two middle fingers in theirs.There they both were, Lizzie and George, in their separate worlds, surely a clue to what their future relationship would be.George steps toward the line, brings his arm forward and smoothly lets go of his ball, and at the same moment Lizzie tries to throw her ball spinning down the alley, but something immediately goes wrong.

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