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After she accepts her award, she decides to skip the after-party and goes to her room, where a young woman named Phoebe has sneaked into her room and fallen asleep.This is where the "Circle of Life" now comes to fruition as Eve will get played like she played Margo.Both have themes that are perhaps even more resonant in our celebrity-obsessed culture now than when they were made.Interestingly, Eve predates A Face by several years.Read more.13th January 2018 International Lanzarote Duathlon 5K Run – 20K Bike – 2.5K Run. Join the International Lanzarote Duathlon, an exciting day of racing action at Club La Santa. 3rd - 6th February 2018 The 4 Stage Mountain Bike Race takes place on four days with exciting courses, offering a perfect adventure that challenges both elite and amateur riders. Here you get a sumptuous buffet of sport and exercise, wellness, health and lots of social activities in a pleasant warm climate all year round.Experience the fantastic atmosphere that inspires people of all ages, towards an active and healthy lifestyle, and that quite naturally brings everyone together.Local and international readers made donations of between R50 and R2 500.

Cape Town - For the first time in years, Berenice and Hilton Plaatjies’s children will have Easter eggs for Easter, thanks to News24 readers.

At the time, Berenice explained how she tried to stretch the little money the family received to last a month: R500 for basic groceries and toiletries, R300 for electricity, and R120 for rent.

The only treat in their home is on birthdays, when Berenice pinches off a few rands to buy a cake.'All I can say is thank you'Offers streamed in to help Berenice.

The fact that the acting and direction are flawless and surprisingly natural-seeming (most old movies usually seem stiff or people seem to "act" too much) only enhances it that much more.

With this film, you can really imagine the *people* the actors are portraying."All About Eve" shows some similarity to one of my other favourite 50s films "A Face in the Crowd". Eve shows how a person will corrupt themselves in order to attain it, whereas A Face's premise is that fame corrupts those who find themselves in the spotlight.

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