Deanna pappas now dating

De Anna, a brown-eyed woman became an immediate fan favorite on the ABC Television show, The Bachelorette, Season 4.

Why couldn’t they have dragged Matt and Shayne back for this cozy get-together?

Recognizing her popularity, ABC Television tapped De Anna to star in The Bachelorette, this time, she would be in control of her dating destiny.

The news was broken to her by Ellen De Generes while she was a guest on the daytime talkfest.

There were memorable nuts like season 5’s gold digger Trish (now married with stepkids and no longer the ”crazy single girl”) and season 9’s Erica Rose (who started a line of tiaras because ”every woman needs a tiara,” to which I respond, ”Every so-called princess needs to look in the mirror before letting her knockers bounce around on national television.” Thank goodness ABC hasn’t stooped to bringing her back for ).

There were lesser nuts, some of whom are now engaged, like season 8’s Moana, or married, like season 2’s Brooke and season 2 and 6’s Heather (sadly, the significant others were mute).

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