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Freezing many foods changes their texture so they are not edible without thawing.Water in food freezes and expands and the ice crystals cause the cell walls of fruits and veggies to rupture, making them softer when thawed.You can store 20 to 25 dried bell peppers in a 1-quart jar; 16 to 20 dried tomatoes in a 1-quart jar. Dehydration only minimally affects the nutritional value of foods, especially when the process takes place in your own home.

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It limits the activity of food enzymes which also contribute to decomposition. It also requires a significant investment of time and equipment, and inadequate processing or poor sanitation can result in a deadly contamination.Botulism is feared in canning because the bacteria that cause it thrive in a liquid environment.Botulism could only occur with a dried food that had been rehydrated, then left unattended long enough for bacteria to grow.When you dry foods at home under gentle conditions (correct temperature and a reasonable amount of drying time), you produce a high-quality product.Compared with canning and freezing, both of which involve extreme temperatures, food drying is the least damaging form of food preservation.

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