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If you are one of the nearly 2 million people who have already purchased "The Marshall Mathers LP" by Eminem, you are sure to have caught the chilling fan-correspondence cut "Stan," which features an enigmatic vocal sample by an artist who's relatively recent to the hip-hop arena.

That sample was taken from a song called "Thank You" by London-based singer-songwriter Dido Armstrong, known simply as Dido, who released a well-reviewed solo debut, "No Angel," last year.

Just hours after returning home following 13 months of touring in support of the LP, Dido talked to MTV News about the controversial rapper and how she came to appear on his new album.

"I got this letter out of the blue one day," Dido began.

Dido just nailed down two dates opening for a longtime influence of hers, Sting, at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on August 11 and 12.

"It's literally one of those songs that took me only a few minutes to write," Dido said of "Thank You." "I was just sitting there thinking, I'm going to write a song about having a sh** day, and then one person, or anything -- it doesn't matter -- makes it all okay.For British adult-pop singer Dido, her upcoming "Greatest Hits" compilation has provided a perfect opportunity to reminisce on the fourteen years since releasing her deubt album, "No Angel." That album produced the Top 5 hit "Thank You," which peaked at No. It's kind of a crazy diary of my last fifteen years compressed into an hour. A lot of your lyrics are very personal -- revisiting these songs for "Greatest Hits," are there any songs you look at in a different way? Things will become more or less relevant to your life... 3 and was famously sampled on Eminem's tour de force single "Stan."Speaking to Billboard on an afternoon she spent digging through old photographs, Dido answered questions regarding the career that produced "Thank You," performing with Marshall Mathers, and the remix collection included on the deluxe edition of "Greatest Hits," due out Nov. Billboard: So with digging through all these old pictures and videos, it sounds like there's been a lot of reminiscing going on. The thing for me about music is it really does being back a true memory and a true emotion, when sometimes memories can get muddled with other things. Just remembering how strongly I felt when I wrote "White Flag." Sometimes it still stirs up a bit of the old emotion. "It's not necessarily about one specific person," she continued."It's about anyone who has something that makes them happy and just being thankful for that one small thing that actually makes your life good.

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