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Her husband left her and the baby there while he was out farming.

Indians came in killed the wife and threw the baby into the creek.

It is just one light (bluish in color) and if you try to drive towards it goes away.

Turn the car around so that it is facing the cemetery.

Also showers in the locker rooms will turn on without anyone in the locker room.

back in the 1980's , before Gebo's ever opened a second store, a supermarket called Bonanza was there. since then, the employees try to avoid night inventory. Lots of employees have seen what the ghost has done.

Then flash you headlight 3 times because when she was watching for her children to come home at night she would flash her lantern and they would flash back to let her know they where coming. In one of the rooms the light in the bathroom will flicker on and off throughout the night (the switch is sideways, making a loud clicking noise).

In another room a specter plays with the visitors belongings.

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Though most of the locals figure it is the teens that hang around there.

There were no other employees at the establishment at the time.

back many years ago there was a wreck on a rail road track and it killed children......late at night if you kill your vehicle and park on the track and put baby powder on the bumper of your car you will see hand prints from the children trying to push you across the tracks.

There is also a spirit who has caused major problems in the store by making accidents happen and causing damage to the merchandise and equipment at the store.

The associates have nicknamed the practical joker "Matilde" or Matilda" because the sex is not known.

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    It was midnight and there were no other cars on the road. (Someone out there agreed with me, that ticket was dismissed.) When it comes to , the rules are often equally arbitrary.