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GBOGH was so bad that it negatively affected the way people viewed Real World and set up Bad Blood for failure.

The weakness of the Bad Blood season was that they cast too many people, and the cast dealt with the issue that MTV focused so hard on finding people with “Bad Bloods” that they didn’t cast the best 7 people.

While he has matured now, Frank Sweeney in a non-competition environment is the worst person.

The way his emotions would shift and he would melt down in front of the cameras worked on the Challenge as he could fight and manipulate his way through the game in order to win.

As she steps out of the bathroom, ominous music plays as Zito reveals that he appeared on a gay porn website called “Frat Pad.” “Are you gay? ” asks Marter, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face. “Then I don’t understand,” says Marter, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face. Zito waltzes past Marter as she sits stationary in the bathroom, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face.

“I was in a place where I needed to get out and that was my out,” says Zito. They break up, and in the next episode, Zito kisses another roommate, Heather Cooke.

At that moment, Zito seemed like the worst gamble that Marter took while living in Sin City.

Since then he has redeemed himself on the Challenge. She accepted a job at the pizza place where all the guys were working and treated the bosses like shit and that she was above it all.

Jessica wouldn’t let the guy she was dating sleep in her bed, and Joi left after 3 episodes as the RW was not paying her enough money or attention. Robb was the best looking and best all around guy on the cast.

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