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[Alice hops over the stairway banister and comes over to hug Bella] Alice Cullen: Happy Birthday! [Alice hands Bella a wrapped birthday present] Bella Swan: I thought I said no presents.

[Bella balks, looking reluctant] Alice Cullen: Come on, please? [standing behind Alice, Jasper lowers his head and looks intently at Bella] Bella Swan: Okay.

Quite frankly, it's scaring the hell outta me, and you Mother. And lips, O you, the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss. [showing Bella a painting] Edward Cullen: The Volturi are a very old, very powerful family, I guess their the closest thing to royalty my world has. No respect for human life, of course, but respect for the arts and science as at least. Jacob Black: I saw this the other day and thought of you. Edward Cullen: Bella, you give me everything by just breathing.

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