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Feel free to add yourselves to any group's of your choice.Registration is FREE, and takes just five minutes - so why not join today and start connecting with new people, wishing to network & date, feel free to take part in our chat rooms or goups.I believe in looking at what’s there.’ Brim, a trained dancer who has performed with New York City’s Radio City Rockettes, insists the book is not a How To guide – rather a reconfiguration of sexual rules.She says readers will be empowered to stop expecting love from sex, which should be celebrated in its own right.

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I don’t believe in putting your energy into waiting for the perfect partner to come along.‘These expectations I had of my sexual partners – “why didnt they love me?Sex and relationships and love were knotted up and I needed to unravel them. Why are we telling women they can only have relationships?‘I was raised in a Christian family and was getting this message from my family, from society, from the church, that sexuality was really not ok; that it was something you could have with your husband when you got married. I had this sexuality inside me and never felt like I could express it without getting in trouble for it.’ When she turned 27, finding a relationship became near-impossible.‘Later in my adult life I got more messages from society that it was ok to have sex but only with someone that you saw a potential relationship with; with someone that could potentially become your husband. ‘I looked around and saw there were many single people around me, all of them attractive, talented and intelligent people,’ she told The Telegraph.

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