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To promote the third season, they showed clips of Cassie and Charles's relationship to the song "Crush" by the American Idol's seventh season runner-up, David Archuleta.To promote season 4, they are using the song "Avalanche" by Marie Digby.The show's theme song was written and performed by bassist Stanley Clarke and singer-songwriter Blaire Reinhard.On January 29, 2010, ABC Family announced the cancellation of the series after four seasons.Expect big thing from her in the form of more starring roles and some producer credits.“I just love the art of filmmaking, the way it just taps into people’s emotions…While Officer Sutton struggles to cope with everyday life as a street cop in Los Angeles, his kids try to fit in at their new schools and with their new neighbors.The show premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network with 13 episodes ordered for the first season.

Lund fires a shot at the kid and hits him in the shoulder.She also admits the episode of she just filmed reminds her of a time when she left home without her parents permission, only to be in extremely hot water when she got back.It’s these similarities that help Hubbard portray a believable performance as Cassie especially when it comes to the onscreen romance between Cassie and Charles (Robert Adamson.Lund's new teenage daughter, Sage, starts at Cassie's high school and the two strike up a friendship.Unfortunately, their friendship crumbles when they get pulled over while driving Sage's mother's car.

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