Etiquette dating after death spouse

It was all the acquaintances and strangers I didn’t want to have to chat with and explain my story, again and again, as profound changes began to take place in my life.

This idea of other people’s reactions became a major topic of conversation at grief support sessions.

If there is a coffin and a burial following, it is a funeral service.

In years gone by one sent flowers to the funeral home or a mourner’s house. They offset the odor of death and the not-too-perfect embalming process.” Before my loss, I never could have fathomed what it was like.I now grasp not knowing all the proper sensitive etiquette when tragedy steps in, and have compiled this list to help others: I am now a member of one of the most unwanted clubs in the world.As Ecclesiastes (it’s in the Bible) says, “there is a time to dance and a time to mourn.” A memorial service is not a time to dance.There may be smiles and slight laughs at a funeral as we remember the uniqueness of the person we are gathered to remember, but a Dean Martin-style roast it is not.

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