Found wife on sexchat

As she took her clothes off, I poured her a glass of wine and explained to her that she was set up to have a massage.

I told her that the hotel offered massages for guest and that I had asked for them to set one up for her.

It would break her wedding vows and she wouldn’t do it.

Now on that, let me say my wife has only been with me and two guys before me, so I think that had a slot to do with it.

I took a blind fold and glasses and some of her lingerie for the evening.

I informed her on Tuesday that I had a surprise for her on Saturday night and that I was going to have the kids go to their grandparents for the weekend.She gave me the fiery go to hell look because she hates surprises.So through the week, I talked to Jonathan, the man I had found on craig’s list that previous week.I am not in the habit of giving up, so I thought about it for a while.I finally came up with finding her a male masseuse to massage her like never before.

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