Frankmusik and colette carr dating

Skitszo is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter and rapper Colette Carr, which was released as a whole on July 9, 2013 through Interscope.

The album consists of four digital EPs, each featuring four songs, released two months apart.

Despite being released internationally, "(We Do It) Primo" failed to chart.

Carr makes lyrical references to label mates and fellow musicians Frankmusik, "feeling frank, spelling out the fear inside", a reference to his name and 2010 single "The Fear Inside", and Far East Movement, "better move it, rocketeer", a reference to their 2009 single "Rocketeer".

“We’re doing like a ‘Grease’, ‘Glee’ type feeling,” Carr said about the video. D.’ is off Frankmusik’s ‘Do It in the AM’ album, out now, and will be on Carr’s upcoming debut album.

When I desperately need you Oh why are you leaving? When I desperately need you you you I guess I will not know Heavy-hitter to the heart what I step to Never spent a minute apart when I met you The only one that got you the only one to get you Not Im ripped apart and you're the one I want to vent to Never should have let you Never should have met up Watch me turn my back first So you can see me well up All because you're fed up Tryna hold my head high Decapitated I hate it I hate you. When I desperately need you Oh why are you leaving? When I desperately need you you you I guess I will not know Ooooooooh yeah I guess I will not know Ooooooooh I guess I will not know You were like my calculator I could always count on you Now you're like I'll see you later And I dont know what to do Counting all the times but none of this adds up To the moon and back is taking off Nasa No solution keep it moving I donno what the do One plus one equalls two too late too soon No reason new truth, You just decide it'd be cool to rip my heart out like its a loose tooth Bite me Why Oh why are you leaving?

In the past year, I have discovered the epic talent that is the roster of Cherrytree Records.

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Colette, along with Frankmusik and Kay, were interviewed on Much Music’s ‘New. Live’ the other day to talk about the tour’s first show, wardrobes, and show off their beatboxing skills.“I got to hand it to Quebec, because they put their hands up without us even asking them to,” Carr said.A remix of the track featuring rapper YG was included on the first instalment of the album."F16" is the third single and, having previously being leaked online, was released November 13, 2012 and music video was released December 11, 2012.I first became a fan of Colette Carr when she was featured on Frankmusik’s track, “No I. After hearing that track, I did some research on who this little blonde rapper was. Last year alone, I headed down to Sin City for a couple of unforgettable weekends.I immediately became […] PARTY ROCKING IN THE HOUSE LAST NIGHT! First time was with fellow writer […] Hey Eastern Canada!

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