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“The 95 corridor has traditionally been used as a gateway for drugs, from the Cape to Boston, and you can also include human trafficking,” Caron said.The traffickers Some of the sex trafficking is run by Asian organized crime, which is bringing underage girls into the casinos in Connecticut, said Bruce Foucart, special agent in charge of U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, in Boston. "I've been waiting 32 years for this day, and I never thought it would come in my lifetime," said Raymond Beausejour, a 66-year-old gay North Providence man who has been with his partner for 32 years.Months before she died, Baker, relying on an oxygen tank, angrily told lawmakers it was unfair that Tevyaw wasn't considered her wife in Rhode Island despite their marriage in Massachusetts.While there's a common perception that most trafficked girls are coming from out of state, police and child welfare officials also say that many of their victims are local girls.

Under the new law, civil unions will no longer be available to same-sex couples as of Aug.

After running away from a group home, the Pawtucket girl ended up working for this woman. Grandfathers, fathers, businessmen — she told me the kind of guys you'd never think of,” said the girl's mother, who called the police after she discovered pictures of her daughter posted under “escorts” on a classified ad website. Day One, an agency that supports victims of sexual assault and trauma, says it is treating 20 trafficking victims.

Within three weeks, the girl told detectives, about 40 to 50 adults paid to have sex with her. The state Department of Children, Youth and Families says that in the last year, 20 girls ages 13 to 16 have been referred for sex-trafficking investigations.

Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox, left, is kissed by R. The day was bittersweet for Deborah Tevyaw, whose wife, state corrections officer Pat Baker, succumbed to lung cancer two years ago.

Frank Ferri, D-Warwick, after a gay marriage bill was signed into law outside the State House in Providence, R. Rhode Island on Thursday became the nation's 10th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed, as a 16-year effort to extend marriage rights in this heavily Roman Catholic state ended with the triumphant cheers of hundreds of gays, lesbians, their families and friends. Lincoln Chafee signed the bill into law on the Statehouse steps Thursday evening following a final 56-15 vote in the House. "For the first time in my life, I feel welcome in my own state." After Chafee signed the bill, the hundreds of people who gathered on the Statehouse grounds erupted into cheers as a chorus sang "Chapel of Love." "Now, at long last, you are free to marry the person that you love," Chafee told the crowd.

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