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Delve into clay, pick up a paintbrush or pencil, and grow your skills—whether you’re a beginner or have been making art for years.Our instructors are practicing artists and experienced art educators.Browse our current classes on the Activities Registration page.Creep Catchers are non-affiliated groups of individuals who attempt to prevent child sexual abuse by posing as minors, using chat rooms and dating sites to lure adults willing to meet the minor for sex, and then exposing the adult by publicly posting videos of the incident.

Deepen your understanding of contemporary art through these ongoing programs and events that encourage interaction with art, ideas, artists, and other visitors like yourself!These social events are a great way to meet other arts-interested people and to chat with local and visiting artists. Who better to learn contemporary art from than artists themselves?Listen and dialogue with exhibiting artists at panel discussions, symposiums, and presentations on current exhibitions.Creep Catchers offer the opportunity to make a public statement (a confession and explanation is encouraged) before posting the video and chat logs to a central website and various social media.Cooperative suspects are typically lectured to in relative privacy, while belligerents are loudly shamed and profanely ridiculed.

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