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Messaging apps have given all of us an amazing ability to send messages, pictures and video back and forth without spending money on SMS’s. They can communicate from their mobile devices without a phone plan using just Wi Fi Internet. An appropriate messaging app for kids, has to – IMPORTANT: No Messaging App Is Absolutely Safe For Children!

I’m often asked for recommendations for safer messaging apps for kids.

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Message app users must set them to have them enabled.You will see a feed from your child’s Apple message account but your child will not see your private messages.If you don’t want to set up Apples Family Sharing account, any email address your child uses can be set up with Messages, as long as you enter it in their Message app, and in yours.It can be part of your contract of use with your child until you feel comfortable trusting them on their own.But I always recommend that you check in with your child, not behind their back, unless you have a crisis and your child is in very real danger.

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