Friends reunitrd dating

But what’s really interesting is the Friend Chat system.You can simply chat with any of the members right there and then in the same environment without having to give out your Skype details.Their on-site chat system makes it easy to get in touch.Bland and faceless – could really do with a re-design.

In the past we’ve criticised Cupid-owned sites for scammy practices in trying to get you to join their sites.

But this week, after years of being eclipsed by the slicker, smarter Facebook, Friends Reunited called it a day.

It was Pankhurst who issued the death notice on his blog, having returned to the business in 2014 in an ultimately futile effort to revive its fortunes.

Setting up your profile is nothing special, it’s all pretty standard stuff.

Usual questions asked, usual boxes to be filled with the usual selection of pop-up answers.

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