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I layman's terms I'm a girl with a penis and balls.


I picked up my pace to get to the closet when Cana spoke up."Wow I must be really drunk…" She said "It looks like you have a penis.""What no!

Cana climbed up onto the bed and I turned her so he butt as facing me. " Cana moaned as she stopped sucking for a few moments only to let my penis back into her mouth. I licked my lips and Cana spoke."You're still hard! " I asked."Yeah, I may be a drunk but I'm not a whore." She said "But I'd be happy to have you as my first. "I pushed Cana over and took the initiative and started thrusting into her."You're so tight." I told her."More Lucy! "I could feel my balls slapping against Cana's large ass with every thrust and our breasts smashing together as we kissed."Ohh Fuck I'm so close! " Cana moaned with me I could feel the orgasm coming and started to pull out when Cana wrapped her legs around me."Cum inside me Lucy!

I slipped her panties to the side and licked her pussy."Ohh! I kept licking at Cana's snatch and she kept sucking with her warm mouth. We already came this far…"Cana started lowering herself onto my rod slowly. " I groaned at the tightness "Cana."Cana leaned forward and kissed me "Do it quickly…"I obliged and thrust my hips quickly breaking her Hyman in one thrust."GAH! ""I'm alright." She said "It was sudden was all."I sat inside Cana for a while giving her time to adjust."I'm ready." She said gyrating her hips. Our hips made clapping noises as they collided."Ohh!

Contains Lemons with some slice of life thrown in here and there.

Includes Lucy X Fairy Tail Girls (Erza, Mira, Cana, Levy, Etc...) Story includes- Pregnancy, Gender Bender, Breast/Butt Growth, and light domination Lucy's POVI'm Lucy Heartfilia and I'm a Futanari.

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