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Deilon Makoppa and Kurt Bosman were applying for bail following a so-called revenge mission in which at least two people were killed and another kidnapped during December last year.A third accused Damian Kammies has abandoned his bid for bail and still has two pending cases of murder against his name.They wear rebel flags, talk with a slang, and generally live with a easy going lifestyle.Do not be fooled tho, they are as dangerous as any other gang and even have nick names, or shortened names like many other gangs. There is a group of people that live in the country surrounded by corn.These people drive lifted trucks, possibly beat up.Because there are 31 common rules--which include admonishments against "snitching" and disobeying leaders -- the number 31 has special significance within the gang.

Not looking like a gangster devil is THE key to being a gangster devil, so if someone or something (yes, thing. Not only will they deny it, they will distract you with earthly pleasures to make you forget you considered it.That is why awareness is key, to stop the cycle before it starts. It's a dog's personal life goal to catch one of these mangly little beasts. My dog was rolling around contentedly in some dead fish, when he spotted a gangster squirrel making it's way up a tree. Leaders of larger sets, like the Nine Trey Gangsters, actually make up a national council to devise policy for the organization.The leadership also enforces 31 common rules that govern all members' conduct.

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