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Jay shows you everything you need to know about "direct response" marketing and how to incorporate it into your business.

Also included are segments from Joe Karbo's The Lazy Man's Way to Riches, advice on using direct response marketing for rapid results. The ideas in this book are so simple, that most people discard them as useless. This book is responsible for making many millionaires with its information. 69 pages Consultation Transcripts, How To Write And Self-Publish A Book. It is 12 of his best "one-hour, super-intensive overview quick-fix consultation", Jay illustrates specific examples of ways to apply his various techniques and principles over a wide variety of individual business situations, including a mom and pop grocery, a loan company, a real estate broker and an accountant.

This is the original 8 " X 11" For Your Marketing Eyes Only. Some of the world's greatest copywriters are lifetime subscribers, including Jay Abraham. From Chris Newton's personal experience as the owner of a small gourmet delicatessen comes a complete step-by-step advertising guide for the small-business owner looking for the most productive, cost-efficient way to build business and clientele.

It includes approx 2500 pages of information, reports, consultations and quick fix strategies. If you are serious about becoming grounded in Jay's strategies, philosophy and success, you'll love this plus they must be collector's items too.12 Actual Cases Taken From My Personal Files, Reprints Of My Own Winning Space Ads And Mailing Pieces, Robert Updegraff's "Little Treasury": 1) A New Bag Of Tricks, 2) The Subconscious Mind In Business, 3) The Sixth Prune, 4) The New American Tempo. Look, this guy is "The Jay Abraham of Australia" and has made a fortune using Jays Ideas.

Also included is a collection of writings from Robert Updegraff highlighting important business strategies, telling in story-form the marketing strategies of many successful businessmen and women. 140 pages The Gary Halbert Transcripts of a Brainstorming Seminar.. Gary Halbert is highly recommended 1 1989, Abraham Publishing Group, Inc. This one concept if uses properly can build you a business overnight without using one dime of your own money or labor.This report includes 6 transcripts from various businesses such as a newspaper publisher, a marketing consultant, and a swimming pool dealer.These transcripts are 11-16 pages in length and today would cost the clients over 00 per hour of consultation. 69 pages Building A Successful Marketing Strategy (Transcripts From Actual Client Consultations).Jay explains how you can begin to build a successful marketing strategy and emphasizes the importance of having such a strategy for your company.Today these would cost clients over 00 per consultation hour. The transcripts include a restaurant owner, Employment service for the hotel industry, A financial Planner, Real Estate Education, and Chiropractic Products. 48 pages Creating Effective Advertising (Transcripts From Actual Client Consultations).

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