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However, things are rarely as they seem and Aron is about to make a connection he never anticipated...

An adopted, active, mixed-race lady in her mid-20s goes on an epic weekend cycling and rowing excursion to help maintain her slim physique.

But he has no doubts about how he feels about Rowan.

And what does it mean that her cousin Kit thinks there’s a word for her approach to romantic relationships?Into this explosive situation arrives a new Seeker, one who is determined to see that past evils do not continue in the dungeon.But can he keep control of himself when assigned a prisoner who falls in love with him?Sara the horse trainer intended to spend a weekend in the Arizona wilderness with her horse.When a beautiful young woman with a problem shows up, her plans go awry. The Eternal Dungeon has been split by a civil war, with the division marked by a quarrel between two Seekers (torturers) whose faithfulness to each other has already become legendary.

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