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What is left, is a bunch of commitment-phobic lost boys who continue to play make believe. I am willing and able but yet I am faced with the sad truth that perhaps this is not a city of dating.The casualities of this epidemic can be seen in the parks filled with single moms pushing strollers around. I have been told that there is not really a dating scene here at all.

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One can usually spot these individually or in herds throughout Neukölln and Kreuzberg.

Usually, the woman will have to be extremely obvious about her intentions in order to get any response.

For me, coming from patriarchal South Africa, that’s just ludicrous.

As a singleton in Berlin, I have been involved in numerous discussions about men and dating since arriving.

In less than two months I have managed to form a very clear picture of what I’m dealing with here aided by other single girl’s impressions of the dating scene and some interesting first-hand experiences. There is no shortage of attractive males My first impression of Berlin men is that they’re a good-looking bunch on the whole.

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