Gigabyte ga 945gcm s2l bios updating software

I’m assuming that’s an actual hard drive in a USB enclosure.Also, one person who cleared CMOS was not able to recover, giving weight to the idea that CMOS needs to remain intact for this recovery to work.

So don’t clear your CMOS if you have this issue, just in case the backup BIOS is kept in there.The RAM is getting reported as 3GB in the BIOS, Total Physical Memory also shows 3GB, Task manager also shows 3GB. EDIT: Is there any way of updating BIOS from a x64 Vista installation, 16bit applications are not supported by x64 & my manufacturer does not have a 64 bit install Your motherboard does support 4gb of memory, with some caveats.Your onboard video will reserve some of that memory you have on there for its use, and you will also have some of the memory being used for system maintenance and such. It seems pretty excessive to allocate an entire gig of RAM for video memory on an onboard video card, when the Ge Force GTX 275 has 896 megs. Besides, the BIOS should still show that there are 4 gigs of total physical memory, even if some of that RAM is used for video.That means it tries to write a BIOS image to the hard drive, and recover from that.According to various tech forums, this recovery process usually fails.

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