Girls sex anun 18

Not essentially different from what Jack the Ripper did or Timothy Mc Veigh.

Very well, but why did he not admit that nearly all his predecessors said the opposite.

To have sex and not intend a child, worse, to have sex and intend not to have a child is to commit adultery with one's wife.

John Paul teaches that a human being exists from the first moment of conception, hence every abortion, even of a three day embryo, is murder.

John Paul teaches that only celibacy is in tune with the sacrament of holy orders, conveniently forgetting that Jesus chose married men as his apostles.

Also, if Peter were to return to earth today, not being one of the Pope's castrati, John Paul would have declared him unfit to serve as a curate in a city slum." [ an article by Peter de Rosa, the author of a history of the popes called Apologists for the Catholic Church want you to believe that theirs is a holy institution, marred by instances of immorality that are the rare exception.

Girls sex anun 18-78Girls sex anun 18-30

This is a bizarre idea in that human females, unlike animals, seldom know when they're infertile even after using thermometers, calendars and higher mathematics. Couples had better be as accurate as a Mafia hit-man.

As Chaucer's Wife of Bath, first married at twelve, put it, 'Five husbands have I had at the church door.' How could clerics bless a thing so sinful they couldn't indulge in it?

Marriage was too sordid to be a sacrament until the 16 century.

Paul, Augustine & Ambrose, and a long string of celibate popes.

Just as they don't feel that human beings are worthy of going to God directly in prayer, they don't feel that they can understand "God's Word" or the teaching of Jesus himself, without the help of intermediaries.

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