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Specifically, the book tries to understand these personal narratives at the intersection of the state projects to build Kuala Lumpur into a ‘world-class city’ while further securitising the borders, and the ‘syndicates’ (the Malaysian–Chinese organisations that facilitate the migration and labour of these migrant women in the city) that make possible the women’s movement and labour in the transnational sexual economy.

Syndicate X and its seven counterparts are the informal version of the formal economy’s conglomerates… 143)Even conglomerates in the formal economy engage in unfair practices.

In Chapter 5, Chin’s main point is that the globalising and neo-liberal processes of the Malaysian state have encouraged Syndicate X to transform from a Chinese secret society into a corporate-like organisation that ‘[i]nstead of owning and controlling trafficked migrant women …

offers fee-based services related to migrant women’s entry, employment, and forward journeys’ (p. The most interesting chapter in the book, Chapter 6, throws into relief the diversity of emerging cosmopolitan subjectivities forged by this flow of migrant women sex workers: how the intersection of gender, race-ethnic and class hierarchies of the city shape their ‘cosmopolitan sociability’ and how they manage their everyday lives and interactions with diverse ethnic and class populations in Kuala Lumpur—not only clients, but also tourists, expatriates, shopkeepers, restaurant and shop owners, neighbours, and so on.

Where migrant workers depend on the syndicate for almost all their working and everyday needs in Kuala Lumpur, there is plenty of room for abuse.

For example, migrant workers may accumulate debts if business is slow or when they are sick.

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